Sunday, September 18, 2011

How to Find Discounted & Cheap Gymnastics Leotards!

Often we find ourselves asking "Where are all the cheap leotards?!"
It seems crazy that such a small garment can be so expensive, and when you simply search "Cheap Leotards" on Google, you never really seem to find relevant information! Here is a list of how to get the cheapest leotards on the internet and in person!

1. Sign up for email offers. GK Elite Sportswear (known to many as the best when it comes to leotards!) offers an email list which occasionally can give you perks such as __% off leotards, free shipping, etc.

2. Ebay. Ebay can have great leotards at low prices! The reason for this is, sometime gymnasts quit the sport right after they  received a new leotard, now they need to sell it!  Try searching for your size, favorite brand, and "New With Tags"  to make sure that you are getting a leotard in good condition.

3. This website offers leotards of your favorite brand at lower prices. They don't have a large selection of GK Elite Leotards, but they tend to have quite a few Alpha Factor and Snow Leotards! They are last seasons leotards, so they are offered at lower prices.

4. Buy in person! If you aren't buying a lot of leotards, you might be better off buying leotards from a local dance boutique or local gymnastics center so you don't need to pay for shipping. This way is also great because you gymnast can try on the leotard and make sure it fits well.

5. Buy leotards at meets. If you are a competitive gymnast, you probably know some of the best deals of leotards are at meets! They carry larger selections, many have GK Elite and you can try them on. Sometimes they even have a sale rack! When at a competition and in need of a new leotard, be sure to check out the leotards.

Good luck on your search, now you know how to find discounted & cheap gymnastics leotards!


  1. I've noticed that a lot of the most expensive clothing items are the ones with very little material. In the case of leotards, though, I can kind of understand why. They are a specialized type of outfit, so that gives them some oomph. That being said, it is possible to find nice ones that are decently priced. I think you listed some great resources to check out.

  2. Thanks for the information. My girls love to do gymnastics and they love to wear their leotards. They can be super pricey, but this information has definitely helped us find cheaper ones that are still adorable. Thanks!